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    Are we considered a "contractor" and therefore held to the Quality Management System and ISO 9001:2015 certification requirements for contractors dealing with defense acquisition? Could you provide documentation supporting your answer?


    Response:  If you work for Watervliet Arsenal and are a Federal employee, then you are not a “contractor” but work for and employed by, the Federal government.  I found the quote, "government-operated activities that perform work on Acquisition Defense Programs" and discovered that the first sentence of the definition states that Contractor is “an entity in private industry that enters into contracts with the government.”  The Arsenal is a government entity and does not enter into “contracts” with other government (organic) activities, but government activities typically enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (non-monetary) or a Memorandum of Agreement (funds exchanged for products or services rendered). Additionally, the Quality Management System and ISO 9001& 58, 2015 certification requirements are designated by the owning-Service/Agency and leadership at the Watervliet Arsenal.


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