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    When going through the process of revising an APB due to a breach or deviation of only one parameter (e.g., cost), is the PM able to simultaneously revise (with good reason) other parameters (e.g., schedule, performance) even though these parameters were not the cause of the breach or deviation? Or must those parameters remain unchanged while revisions to the one parameter are made/approved?


    Yes!  According to DoDI 5000.02, Enclosure 1 Section 4, PMs are required to notify their MDA when they believe any parameter will be breeched.  Based on the PM's input, the MDA has the authority to revise the entire APB if they believe the matter of fact life circumstances have affected the program.   Again, the idea is that PM will notify/brief the MDA when they estimate a breech will occur on any parameter at any time.  The APB is a contract between the PM and the MDA and provides the essential baseline for the program.  It must always be realistic and as accurate as possible.

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