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    Is there a FAR / DFAR clause allowing the government(DCMA) access to contractor controlled documents to perform surveillance?


    The reference documents are the contract itself and the written delegation from the program office that delegated the function of quality assurance surveillance IAW FAR 42.302(a)(38). Each contract should contain a FAR clause tied to inspection and acceptance and the clause will start with 52.246, unless the contract is commercial, then clause 52.212-4 would apply. For example, if the contract is Fixed Price and for buying noncommercial supplies, then FAR clause 52.246-2 should be in the contract and paragraph b has the language allowing access to the contractor's records. Review the contract to find the applicable inspection and acceptance clause(s). You can also coordinate the review of inspection and acceptance terms in the contract with the cognizant ACO if there is one assigned to the contract.

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