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    Can we write a facilities service contract for 10 years (base plus options)? Is the procurement authority level for approval of a 10 year contract at the Head of Agency level or Senior Executive level/PARC/SPO?


    Hard to determine what the scope of work for Facilities Service Contract.  These are the FAR citations that reference the fact service contracts should not exceed five years in length: FAR 17.204(e) and FAR 22.1002-1

    If you want to pursue a multiyear contract in excess of five years, these are the FAR/DFARS/AFARS references you will need refer to in seeking that approval and who the approval authority for your organization would be:

    FAR subpart 17.1 (go to Policy at 17.105)

    DFARS subpart 217.1 (go to 217.171)

    AFARS subpart 5117.1 (go to 5117.171 and AFARS Appendix GG which will tell you who may be delegated this approval authority)

    It is our opinion that it is unlikey you would get approval for a 10 year facilities service contract unless your intent is to have the facility be a Government Owned Contractor Operated facility.

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