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    When moving from one contract to the other, how do we account for items that are in repair. The obligation and beginning work would be on the C-contract but the final repair will be on the IDIQ contract. Does the answer change if the C-contract and the IDIQ will be funded with the same LOA?


    Your Lettor of Offer & Acceptance (LOA) and the C-type contract have PoPs that expire on 31 Dec, so you will be required to pay all of the allowable costs incurred and the negoatiated fee for those services/parts received up to that time.

    It's further assumed that if you have a CPFF type contract for repairs, then you must also have the appropriate clauses (in the 52.245 series) in each contract covering Government Furnished Property - as the items being repaired by the contractor would need to be accounted for while in their custody. Custody of the items in repair would then be transferred from the C-type contract to the IDIQ to adequately account for the items being repaired. It's further assumed that you would have a new LOA to cover the work to be done under the IDIQ as your current LOA expires in less than 6 months.


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