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    I have not been able to find any replacement for Progress Schedule Forms AF IMT 3064 and 3065. FAR dictates that the Contractor shall submit a schedule but does not specify what type of a form they should use. Is there anything that you can suggest that has replaced the Progress Schedule Forms?


    There are no direct replacement forms for the AF 3064/3065. When those forms became obsolete, AFFARS 5336.9001 stated,

    Contracting Officers are encouraged to use existing contractor-developed forms to the maximum extent practicable. In those instances where commercial forms are not available, the following templates may be used to administer construction programs.

    Contract Inspection and Acceptance Report
    Construction Cost Estimate Breakdown
    Schedule of Material Submittals
    Contract Bonds Checklist
    Pre-performance Conference Checklist

    However, upon examination of these templates, if none of them meet your needs, then the AFFARS states that you should use commercial forms.


    Additionally, neither the FAR nor DFARS calls out any specific forms to be utilized. You might consider contacting your agency to see if they might have developed some local policy or forms they want to be used.

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