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    Does ECP require Log Demo?


    It depends.  Does the Army require it?  I can only answer from the DoD perspective.  Is this going to lead to additianal repair?  Will it be replaced?  How will it be supported?  If this needs testing based on the ECP, then I would say "yes". 

    This is from our Acquipedia article on Product Support: " A common method of demonstrating product support capability is through Logistics Demonstration (LOGDEMO) which can involve modeling and simulation or desktop exercises or full up exercises using trained personnel, in conjunction with the T&E community. "

    From the Supportability Testing Acquipedia article, " The primary objectives of Supportability Test and Evaluation are to inform development of an affordable design and a performance based product support strategy predicated on best value. "  I recommend you consult these artilces.

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