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    What should the rationale for LRIP quantities exceeding 10 percent of the total production quantity consist of, a business case analysis or something similar? What would you expect to see as a justification for the specific amount approved, if it exceeds 10%? Does DoD policy/instruction/regulation exist that explains what the justification should consist of? Thank you!


    According to DoDI 5000.02, the decision to exceed the 10% LRIP guideline is the MDAs.  After the decision, the MDA must notify Congress via the selected acquisition report.  So, the report to Congress is not very detailed like a decision brief would be.  Normally, MDA rational includes matter-of-fact life incidences such as losing a test aircraft and being unable to finish a few critical points prior to the 10% mark.  Or, having supply issues that affect completion of required demonstrations or tests.  Bottomline, the rationale should make sense and the gist of the message should convey that except for this "issue" the MDA has confidence the system will be operationally effective and suitable.

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