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    My question is how does this work on a multiple award ID/IQ that has a base and 4 option years. So you are going into year 2 of the basic ID/IQ - Are we required to conduct market research to award new Task Orders in year 2? My concern is what if we find a contractor that would be fit to join the pool of contractors already on contract. Are we to not exercise the option and commence on a full blown Re-compete the Basic IDIQ in order to add a one contractor to the pool? The benefit of having options on the contract would be tossed in the trash.


    You are familiar with the three reasons for the initial market research: becoming an informed consumer, locating small business solutions, and locating a commercial item solution.  You are correct, market research should be performed as necessary.  Now step back and use your knowledge of the scope of the IDIQ and the contractors. You are not re-inventing the IDIQ but only validating the requirements and the vendor's capability.  You will need to validate through all available market sources that both the requirements are still valid and that the firms are still capable of performing..

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