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    Please let us know if a Class Waiver is needed in order not to set-aside a procurement for small businesses on ARMY CHESS under NAICS code 334111 and allow both small and large companies the opportunity to compete for the requirement.


    You stated - "The Government plans to use ARMY CHESS for hardware (laptops/docking stations/routers/servers) buys (supplies) over the SAT."  So you indicated your procurmenet is above the SAT value.  Your market research indicated - "market research the Program Offices found at least 2 small business resellers."

    You believe by opening up to competition would bring down to lower pricing.  What you may want to consider is to speak further with your small businiess representaive that signes off on your completed DD2579 form - PGI 253.219 -- SMALL BUSINESS PROGRAMS.  Block 11 pertains to your question and conveys the process forward.  

    Respectfully, let AAP know if you have further needs we can assist.

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