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    What are some finance related Contract Admin functions not normally delegated to DCMA?


    Usually, but not always, the contracting officer will delegate contract administration functions, which includes those related to finance, to an ACO (Administrative Contracting Officer). The ACO function within DoD is the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). The administrative functions that are normally delegated to an ACO are listed in FAR 42.302, and are supplemented by DoD at DFARS 242.302 Contract administration functions.

    The contracting officer may retain any of the contract administration functions found at FAR 42.302 (a) - Contract Administration Functions, except those in paragraphs (a)(5), (a)(9), (a)(11) and (a)(12) of this section, unless the cognizant Federal agency (see FAR 2.101) has designated the contracting officer to perform these functions. In addition, DFARS 242.302(a) (S-71) For reviewing EVMS plans, etc., the contracting officer shall not retain this function.

    Because the decision to delegate certain or any contract administration functions to DCMA is an individual Contracting Officer's choice or a common practice at a particular buying command, it is impossible to generate a list of “finance related’ or other contract administration functions that are not normally delegated to DCMA.

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