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    Acquisition plans and Acquisition Strategies are two different things. However, there is a nice dollar threshold provided for when an acquisition plan is required. Would like the same thing for a acquisition strategy is required and when it is not required (i.e. for Task Orders, etc). thanks.


    Guidance for the Streamlined Acquisition Strategy appears in the Air Force FAR Supplement AAFARS 5307.104-93. It indicates use of SASS for puchases of suppplies and services that are over the Simplified Acquisition Threshold  but less than $10M.

    It also indentifies actions that do not require an acquisition plan or a SASS:   

    (1) Actions that do not require an AP or a SASS:

    • (a) Task/delivery orders issued in strict compliance with the terms of the basic contract except non-DoD orders > $10M;
      (b) Modifications within the scope of the contract;
      (c) Replenishment parts except for those replenishment buys that require design; development, verification testing, and approval before start of production; and,
      (d) Basic research under funding category 6.1.

    It specifically mentions task orders. Discuss with your contracting officer or HCA if you still want to pursue use of a SASS. For more information see the form at :   for the SASS template. 



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