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    Is there a need to close BPA/BOA basic awards? Thank you in advance for your time. v/r, Patricia


    The FAR requires that contract files must formally closed out, but BPAs and BOAs are agreements rather than contracts and do not directly obligate funds. As a result, they aren't subject to the formal closeout procedures at FAR 4.804. Agreements are considered "complete" when "...the purchases under it equal its total dollar limitation, if any, or when its stated time period expires" (FAR 13.303-7), or after 30 days' notice by either party (FAR 16.702(b)(2)). I could not locate supplemental guidance pertaining to your question in either the DFARS or NMCARS, but check with your local contract policy office for any local procedures that may apply for processing agreements when they are "complete."

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