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    If we issue a Cost Plus Fix Fee task order can we increment fund the task order, if we included FAR Clause 52.232-22. There are some severable and non severable tasks. On a cost reimbursable task order does it matter if there are severable and non severable task?


    FAR 2 defines "Contract" as including orders, thus all clauses and regulations applying to contracts also apply to orders.  FAR 52.232-22 applies to cost remibursement task orders and allows for incremental funding. DFARS 232.703-1 states that a fixed-price contract can only be incrementally funded if it is for severable services, but there are no similar restrictions for cost remibursement. So, in answer to your questions: Yes, you can incrementally fund your cost remibursable task order, and No, it does not matter if there are severable or non severable tasks. 

    Best regards, Professor of Contract Management


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