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    Is there a current manual/case study/handout etc that would contain similar questions corresponding to the government property functions?


    There are no current handouts that provide review questions for the most current FAR 52.245-1 (Government Property Clause).  Unfortunately, what you are using from IND 201 is very outdated.  Although many of the questions are good framing questions you MUST ensure that the questions you select to use as part of your review directly relate to an actual requirement within FAR 52.245-1.  The new IND 205 (IND 201 replacement) course does not provide this type of handout.  The course provides audit training that follows the GAO-18-568G Government Auditing Standards in addition to the required 2014 Guidebook for Contract Property Administration.  These are the two primary resources we recommend to use when planning your review.   Also, if you are able we also recommend taking IND 205 as a refresher since it teaches how to plan and execute an audit all the way through the corrective action process.  This course provides the most recent audit requirements, audit tools, as well as the most current FAR, DFARS, and DoD regulations needed for those who work out in the field.  IND 205 requires students to develop audit objectives and write audit questions based on them.  There are some examples of working papers on the Government Property Community of Practice at

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