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    Is there an Order Directive or doctrine which states the Contractor is responsible for providing consumables (seals, O-rings, sealant…) for/during SVR?


    From the circumstances in the background, it appears there is either a logistics demonstration or developmental testing on maintenance training devices.  Either or both of these tests will provide the data to conduct the SVR.

    There is no "Order Directive" or other doctrine stating that the contractor is responsible for repair/restoration of the system/device in order to complete test. 

    I suggest you consult with the PCO and review the contract. 

    Here are a few questions which need to be considered:  Have the maintenance training device(s), used as test articles, been turned over (i.e. DD250) to the government?  What does the contract say about who is responsibile for the test data.  Are there any special provisions in the contract (such as a "Changes Clause") which hold the government/contractor responsible for repairing/restoring test articles? 

    The answer to these questions will determine whether the contractor is responsible for the repair/restore of the test article.

    I suggest you also review the Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) for any wording that might suggest that either the contractor or the government is responsible for consumables to complete the test program.  The TEMP was probably approved by the government and will likely define who is responsible for what during the test program.  In general, consumables are the contractor's responsibility (if title to the test asset is still held by the contractor during developmental testing) prior to the SVR.  Note that no hardware is required for SVR.


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