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    Should I solicit using a DD 1155 format or SF 33 end state?


    While not knowledgeable of the specifics of your acquisition, the following FAR references are for your review:

    "53.214 Sealed bidding.

    The following forms are prescribed for use in contracting by sealed bidding

    (except for construction and architect-engineer services):

                (c) SF 33 (Rev. 9/97), Solicitation, Offer and Award. SF 33 is

    prescribed for use in soliciting bids for supplies or services and for

    awarding the contracts that result from the bids, as specified in

    14.201-2(a)(1), unless award is accomplished by SF 26.


    53.215 Contracting by negotiation.

    53.215-1 Solicitation and receipt of proposals.

    The following forms are prescribed, as stated in the following paragraphs,

    for use in contracting by negotiation (except for construction,

    architect-engineer services, or acquisitions made using simplified

    acquisition procedures):

          (c) SF 33 (Rev.9/97), Solicitation, Offer and Award. SF 33, prescribed

    in 53.214(c), may be used in connection with the solicitation and award of

    negotiated contracts. Award of such contracts may be made by either OF 307,

    SF 33, or SF 26, as specified in 53.214(c) and 15.509."


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