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    Changes in Cost or Pricing Data FAR requirements for DOD & NASA. I am looking for additional information on FAR or DFARS changes as it relates to DOD, NASA contracting opportunities.


    Thank you for your question.  To help hone the scope of this answer, I am assuming you are following-up on the article in the Dec 2019 edition of NCMA's Contract Management magazine, titled 'THE 2019 NDAA: A LOOK AT ITS MAJOR REQUIREMENTS, AND HOW THEY’VE BEEN IMPLEMENTED THUS FAR'.  Please remember, this article looks at initiatives from FY19, but does not address potential FY20 initiatives as the NDAA has still not passed Congress and been signed into law by the President, so there are no FAR/DFARS changes impacting contract opportunities as it relates to the FY20 NDAA at this time.  

    Generally, it is always the policy of the Federal Government, which include DoD and NASA, to maximize opportunities for contractors.  One recent change to be aware of to ensure you have visibility of all federal contracting opportunities is the medium change for solicitations, now SAM Beta (  I would encourage to become familiar with the site and to create a logon. 

    Specific to cost and pricing data, on 31 May 2018, the Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP, now DPC - Defense Pricing and Contracting) signed FAR Class Deviation 2018-O0015 into effect.  This increased the threshold for contracting officers to obtain certified cost and pricing data from $750,000, to $2,000,000.  This change provided relief from cost accounting standards to potential offerors on contracts valued at $2M or below, as well as to subcontractors with a subcontract value of $2M or below, increasing contracting/subcontracting opportunities for DoD contractors and subcontractors.  (while DAU faculty cannot speak authoritatively on NASA matters, NASA issued Procurement Class Deviation 18-04 on 1 Jul 2018 which reads similarly to DPAP's CD 2018-O0015). 

    To stay abreast of future changes which could impact contract opportunities, I would encourage you to monitor, as the site provides notifications of published Federal Acquisition Circulars.  These notices provide detail on recent changes to the FAR and their impact. makes these available via the News and Announcements section of their home page, scroll down. 

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