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    We are currently developing the CDD and wanted to know if and when the Mandatory Sustainment KPPs for Ao and Am are able to be excluded. Who has the authority to approve the exclusion and under what circumstances can they be excluded?


    1. Assuming no JPRs and not JCB or JROC interest   Sponsor should confirm with Army Gatekeeper and J8/Joint Gatekeeper.

    2. If assumption is true, then the Army Requirements Authority (G8/AFC) should approve a waiver to not include the mandatory attributes of the Sustainment KPP.

    3.  Answering when should they request a waiver from the KPP, I would advise immediately since this KPP effects test planning required as they accelerate to a MS C.

    4.  An alternative to completely excluding the Sustainment KPP would be to work with the PM to establish sustainment metrics which may be achievable over time so as to not delay MS C or cause challenges with early Operational Testing.

    5.  Finally, when presenting a waiver request to the sustainment KPP, some trade off analysis should be conducted to look at operational risk versus operational benefit and lifecycle costs.

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