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    Through the Government Purchase Card (GPC) Program if you come across a requirement that combines services & commodities, and the services portion is under or up to the Micro-purchase threshold of $2.5K and the total including commodities is not over the Micro-purchase Threshold can the GPC be used or does a form 9 have to be submitted? The FAR does not stipulate the combination of the two requirements.


    FAR 13.301 does not stipulate it but more importantly, does not prohibit it. The exceptions for use of the GPC at DFARS 213.270 also do not prohibit doing so. You can check the guidance in AFI 64-117 (Air Force Government Purchase Card Program) but I would be surprised if it contains such a prohibition. The important thing is that you don't combine clearly unrelated requirements (whether they are supplies and/or services) in order to come in under the micro-purchase threshold.

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