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    Our office would like to purchase a vacuum cleaner using the Government Purchase Card, with the purchase being under the micro-threshold. The cardholder was told since we have a cleaning service (monthly) we are not allowed to purchase one but I cannot find any supporting regulation to state that it is prohibited. Can you tell me there is any regulation to prohibit the purchase of the vacuum?


    When it comes to buying appliances with the GPC; the primary concern is the purchase of kitchen related appliances, the Comptroller General and DoD Regulations place limitations on purchases of that kind.  However, we don't consider a vacuum to be a kitchen appliance.

    Therefore, we can only assume this is a local/organizational/installation policy as we could find no regulation at the Department of Defense level that prohibits the procurement based on your scenario.  We also assumed your GPC is being funded with an O&M appropriation.  Sources reviewed:

    1) The Department of Defense Government Charge Card Guidebook for Establishing and Managing Purchase, Travel, and Fuel Card Programs (special emphasis on A.1.2.4. Prohibited Purchases).

    2) DoD Financial Management Regulation.

    3 The FAR and DFARS

    While we did not research agency level regulations (e.g. AFI 64-117), we're quite positive these would not prohibit your purcahse either.

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