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    Am I required to respond to the non-awarded vendor with the value of the competitive award and the awardee.


    We tried to reach you because we did not know what you meant by SIM ACQ, but the email provided for you bounced back. I am not familiar with SIM ACQ so will be answering this question based on normal procedures after awarding a contract. In FAR 5.301 it states when awards have to be synopsized through the Government Point of Entry, we are making this information available to everyone.

    If you read FAR 5.301 you will see not all awards are synopsized through the Government Point of Entry, but that does not mean we do not provide award information if a non-winning vendor asks for it. The normal procedure would be to provide the non-awarded vendor the name of the winner and the amount of the award if they call and ask for it.

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