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    Is there guidance on what level of production can be completed by prototype integration facilities?


    Prototype integration facility is a non-specific term.  It could cover Systems Integration Lab, for example, or other facilities where engineering development occurred.  LRIP items and Full Rate Production Items should be produced in a fully production-representative environment.  Extracts from the regulation are below:

    From the DoDI 5000.02:

    For MDAPs and major systems, LRIP quantities will be the minimum needed to provide production representative test articles for operational test and evaluation (OT&E) (as determined by DOT&E for MDAPS or special interest programs), to establish an initial production base for the system and provide efficient ramp up to full-rate production, and to maintain continuity in production pending completion of operational testing. The final LRIP quantity for an MDAP (with rationale for quantities exceeding 10 percent of the total production quantity documented in the Acquisition Strategy) must be included in the first Selected Acquisition Report submitted to Congress after quantity determination.

    Production-representative systems meet the following criteria:

    (a) The hardware and software must be as defined by the system-level critical design review, functional configuration audit, and system verification review, including correction of appropriate major deficiencies identified during prior testing.

    (b) For hardware acquisitions, production-representative articles should be assembled using the parts, tools, and manufacturing processes intended for use in full-rate production; utilize the intended production versions of software; and the operational logistics systems including mature drafts of maintenance manuals intended for use on the fielded system should be in place. The manufacturing processes to be used in full-rate production should be adhered to as closely as possible, and program managers for programs under DOT&E OT&E oversight will provide DOT&E a detailed description of any major manufacturing process changes.

    (c) For software acquisitions, a production-representative system consists of typical users performing operational tasks with the hardware and software intended for deployment, in an operationally realistic computing environment, with representative DoD information network operations and supporting cybersecurity capabilities. All manuals, training, helpdesk, continuity of operations, system upgrade and other life-cycle system support should be in place.

    So basically, you want your LRIP items to be fabricated on the same production line as the FRP items to prove out your production processes. 

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