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    My interpretation is that the receiving report clauses do not apply to every contract line item. I looked at the 7 Quality Assurance clauses (52.246-2 thru -8). Five of them say "the Government shall accept", and two of them do not. Acceptance is not required for services (both FP and cost type). The program office can and should inspect those services. They can ask for them to be fixed or redone. If the program office wants specific acceptance of a cost type service or supply, they need to specify that in Section E, and then a Receiving Report is required. What say you professor?


    48 CFR 52-246-2(b) states that "The contractor shall provide and maintain an inspection system acceptable to the government covering supplies".  Perhaps the answer is that it depends on the contractor's inspection system with regard to using Receiving Reports as part of their inspection system and some inspection systems not using Receiving Reports.  Depending on the requirements of the particular contract, the KO may or may not require specific inspection for each contract line item.  We recommend consulting with the KO on what is required for your specific contract. 

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