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    What quantity of full rate production can a prototype facility complete?


    We contacted the question submitter to get some additional details on her program and the specifics of the issue to make sure we were answering the right question.  The background is that this is a Government facility/organization (Army) that does rapid prototyping along the lines of our Rapid Development Innovation Facility (RDIF) here at Wright Patterson.  They would be developing mod kits or engineering change proposals (ECPs) for her program which is 35 existing mobile Air Traffic Control systems. The question asked if the Prototype Integration Facility is allowed to produce the entire quantiy of full rate production systems.  The answer is yes it can be a viable way to execute a production program as long as the facility can sign up to meeting the customer's delivery dates/IOC for the production kits and you have the right color and amount of funding.  This would be production of the kits only, and not installation.  That would be done at the field level.  We also recommend discussing with her Contracting Officer before going any further the aspect of the Army facility having originally competed their existing (IDIQ) contracts for outsourcing any work in order to ensure the plan in question meets the standard required for competition.  (Maybe there is an existing J&A that lays that out.)   Essentially the buying office would be MIPRing money to another organization to put on their existing contract or contracts.  Final recommendation is that as part of her acquisition strategy presentation to her leadership, she has in attendance a rep from that outside facility that can commit to the schedule the program needs for the delivery of production items.  Also recommended is an MOU or MOA to document the agreements made so there is a clear set of expectations.  This might be part of the Acquisition Decision Memorandum summarizing the acquisition strategy review. 

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