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    We currently have a GSA Vendor providing Facilities Maintenance Services on a Base. Can the Vendor install a sidewalk with a Handicap Ramp under the GSA 03FAC Schedule to support one of the Buildings ? A sidewalk is currently in the area, but it does not connect to the building with a Handicap Ramp. In addition, can Minor Construction be completed under a GSA schedule ? If so, what would be considered Minor Construction ? We are searching for a SIN that will include installing paving/concrete, parking lots, etc. Ultimately, we are trying to determine whether a project can be considered both a service and construction? What is the best rule of thumb?


    We were able to provide an answer via direct consultation with the question submitter.  As it turned out, this was "new construction" and not within scope of the of the GSA schedule.  Had it been repair, there may have been some latitude.

    For DoD [10 U.S.C. 2805(c)] the unspecified minor military construction threshold is $1M.  We could not find any GSA Schedule SIN that covered paving or sidewalk installation.

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