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    The 2020 budget was delayed by the CR but was passed and signed by the President on December 20th. We are a Navy Phase II SBIR contractor waiting for award of Option 2 pending SBIR funding reaching the Navy program office. When can we expect funds to arrive and whom can we call in DOD or elsewhere to seek status?


    Funding for the Navy SBIR program is not appropriated, but provided annually under the statutory 3.2 percent set-aside from ONR extramural research, development, testing and evaluation (RDT&E) funds.  The timelines for this process does not appear to be published.  I did find contact information for the Navy SBIR program - Lore-Anne Ponirakis, SBIR Program Manager, Office of Naval Research, E-mail:  If the Contracting Officer for the current options cannot give you any information then the Navy SBIR program manager, Lore-Anne Ponirakis, should be able to provide some information.



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