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    Is the IPS Elements Guidebook, the Defense Acquisition Guidebook and the Acquisiton Life Cycle (Horseblanket) available from DAU in Hard Copy? If so, what person or office can I contact to acquire these publications?


    DAU has a robust Integrated Product Support Guidebook Suite of the primary key DoD product support guidebooks. Available at, users can use in web-based NextGen tool format, download a PDF version, or download an eBook version. The guidebook suite includes both DAG Chapter 4 Life Cycle Sustainment, the PSM Guidebook (see Appendix A for information on the IPS Elements), and the IPS Element Guidebook among the thirteen guidebooks available from this website. DAU does not publish paper copies of these guidebooks. Similarly, the Interactive Life Cycle Chart is available at With the exception of several specific ACQ/PMT classroom courses, DAU does not publish or distribute paper copies of the chart.

    For direct access to the wide range of key product support and life cycle logistics learning assets and resources, encourage you to also visit our Life Cycle Logsitics Functional Gateway at

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