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    Two part question: (1) am I correct as to the two COA options, and (2) what other options are available to get this contact closed. Most likely, the government nor the contractor has an interest in getting these items delivered seeing that the contract was issued in 2005, Contract number is N00164-05-D-4305 DO 0006).


    Either of the two courses of action described in this inquiry appear to be viable. If the requiring activity still needs the items, then reestablish an appropriate delivery date via a bilateral agreement with some consideraftion (e.g., a small reduction in price of this delivery order or something else of value). Or second, terminate this contract delivery order for default and follow the appropriate procedures in the contract clauses and other guidance in the FAR, DFARS and your agency FAR supplement. We can see no other viable options for resolving this situation given the facts presented.

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