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    What are the current Air Force Program Priority levels and how are they defined? Priority 1 – Safety of Flight Priority 2 – Required/Significant Impact Priority 3 – Routine Priority 4 - Discretionary Are these still valid and if so what is the AFI or DODI to know what makes a program a 1,2,3, or 4 level?


    1.  As stated on page 2 of the current AFI 63-101, dated 09 May 2017, Entitled "Integrated Life Cycle Management", this version of the AFI 63-101 canceled and superceded AFI 63-131.  Therefore, do not refer to AFI 63-131's priority categories.  On page 2 of AFI 63-101, readers are directed to read Chapter 9 for guidance on applicable issues from the former AFI 63-131. 

    2.  AFI 63-101, Chapter 9 provides different guidance on modification priorities than what we used under the superceded AFI.  However, there are two key points:

    - 9.2.1. Urgent Capability Acquisition modifications processing is described in DoDI 5000.02 and applicable 10-series AFIs (at this time, see DoDI 5000.02T until  the new 5000.02UB is available).  A streamlined AF Form 1067 is generated and processed to summarize the modification requirement, to document the technical parameters necessary to satisfy the urgent need, and to initiate the modification management processes.

    - Safety modifications will be given priority for funding and implementation over all other pending modifications.

    3.  Chapter 9 also describes the process for obtaining modification approvals through the chain of command using an AF Form 1067--the same form used under the superceded AFI.  With this form, the modification manager has the opportunity to describe the urgency of the needed modification, including it relationship to safety.

    4.  For additional information, consult the advice of your Product Support Manager, or local logistics authorities.

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