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    What type of clauses need to be in the contract to cover this type of service?


    This response is based on the information provided.  We suggest you discuss with your contracting team, program manager and/or legal department as appropriate.


    The AAP program is for DoD employees.  We note that because the application of the FAR is significantly different for DoD versus other Federal agencies.  At FAR subpart 27.4 it states, "This subpart sets forth policies and procedures regarding rights in data and copyrights, and acquisition of data. The policy statement in 27.402 applies to all executive agencies. The remainder of the subpart applies to all executive agencies except the Department of Defense."

    Additionally we cannot provide specific detail as we do not know the particulars of your acquisition situation.

    With that said, we suggest your team look at the following provisions and clauses reviewing them in conjunction with your acquisition strategy.

    "FAR 27.409  Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

          (a)  Generally, a contract should contain only one data rights clause. However, where more than one is needed, the contract should distinguish the portion of contract performance to which each pertains.

          (b)   (1)  Insert the clause at 52.227-14, Rights in Data-General, in solicitations and contracts if it is contemplated that data will be produced, furnished, or acquired under the contract, unless the contract is-

                    (i)  For the production of special works of the type set forth in 27.405-1, although in these cases insert the clause at 52.227-14, Rights in Data-General, and make it applicable to data other than special works, as appropriate (see paragraph (e) of this section);

                    (ii)  For the acquisition of existing data, commercial computer software, or other existing data, as described in 27.405-2 through 27.405-4(see paragraphs (f) and (g) of this section);

                    (iii) A small business innovation research contract (see paragraph (h) of this section);

                    (iv) To be performed outside the United States (see paragraph (i)(1) of this section);

                    (v)  For architect-engineer services or construction work (see paragraph (i)(2) of this section);

                    (vi)  For the management, operation, design, or construction of a Government-owned facility to perform research, development, or production work (see paragraph (i)(3) of this section); or

                    (vii) A contract involving cosponsored research and development in which a clause providing for less than unlimited right has been authorized (see 27.408).

               (2) If an agency determines, in accordance with 27.404-2(b), to adopt the alternate definition of “Limited Rights Data” in paragraph (a) of the clause, use the clause with its Alternate I.

               (3) If a contracting officer determines, in accordance with 27.404-2(c) that it is necessary to obtain limited rights data, use the clause with its Alternate II. The contracting officer shall complete paragraph (g)(3) to include the purposes, if any, for which limited rights data are to be disclosed outside the Government.

               (4) In accordance with 27.404-2(d), if a contracting officer determines it is necessary to obtain restricted computer software, use the clause with its Alternate III. Any greater or lesser rights regarding the use, reproduction, or disclosure of restricted computer software than those set forth in the Restricted Rights Notice of paragraph (g)(4) of the clause shall be specified in the contract and the notice modified accordingly.

               (5)  Use the clause with its Alternate IV in contracts for basic or applied research (other than those for the management or operation of Government facilities, and contracts and subcontracts in support of programs being conducted at those facilities or where international agreements require otherwise) to be performed solely by universities and colleges. The clause may be used with its Alternate IV in other contracts if in accordance with 27.404-3(a), an agency determines to grant permission for the contractor to assert claim to copyright subsisting in all data first produced without further request being made by the contractor. When Alternate IV is used, the contract may exclude items or categories of data from the permission granted, either by express provisions in the contract or by the addition of a paragraph (d)(4) to the clause (see 27.404-4).

               (6) In accordance with 27.404-6, if the Government needs the right to inspect certain data at a contractor’s facility, use the clause with its Alternate V.

          (c) In accordance with 27.404-2(c)(2) and 27.404-2(d)(5), if the contracting officer desires to have an offeror state in response to a solicitation whether limited rights data or restricted computer software are likely to be used in meeting the data delivery requirements set forth in the solicitation, insert the provision at 52.227-15, Representation of Limited Rights Data and Restricted Computer Software, in any solicitation containing the clause at 52.227-14, Rights in Data-General. The contractor’s response may provide an aid in determining whether the clause should be used with Alternate II and/or Alternate III.

          (d)  Insert the clause at 52.227-16, Additional Data Requirements, in solicitations and contracts involving experimental, developmental, research, or demonstration work (other than basic or applied research to be performed solely by a university or college where the contract amount will be $500,000 or less) unless all the requirements for data are believed to be known at the time of contracting and specified in the contract (see 27.406-2). This clause may also be used in other contracts when considered appropriate. For example, if the contract is for basic or applied research to be performed by a university or college, and the contracting officer believes the contract effort will in the future exceed $500,000, even though the initial award does not, the contracting officer may include the clause in the initial award.

          (e) In accordance with 27.405-1, insert the clause at 52.227-17, Rights in Data-Special Works, in solicitations and contracts primarily for the production or compilation of data (other than limited rights data or restricted computer software) for the Government’s internal use, or when there is a specific need to limit distribution and use of the data or to obtain indemnity for liabilities that may arise out of the content, performance, or disclosure of the data. Examples of such contracts are set forth in 27.405-1.

               (1)  Insert the clause if existing works are to be modified, as by editing, translation, addition of subject matter, etc.

               (2)  The contract may specify the purposes and conditions (including time limitations) under which the data may be used, released, or reproduced by the contractor for other than contract performance.

               (3)  Contracts for the production of audiovisual works, sound recordings, etc. may include limitations in connection with talent releases, music licenses, and the like that are consistent with the purposes for which the data is acquired.

               (4)  The clause may be modified in accordance with paragraphs (c) through (e) of 27.405-1.

          (f)  Insert the clause at 52.227-18, Rights in Data-Existing Works, in solicitations and contracts exclusively for the acquisition, without modification, of existing audiovisual and similar works of the type set forth in 27.405-2. The contract may set forth limitations consistent with the purposes for which the work is being acquired. While no specific clause of this subpart is required to be included in contracts solely for the acquisition, without disclosure prohibitions, of books, publications, and similar items in the exact form in which the items exist prior to the request for purchase (i.e., the off-the-shelf purchase of such items), or in other contracts where only existing data available without disclosure prohibitions is to be furnished, if reproduction rights are to be acquired, the contract shall include terms addressing such rights. (See 27.405-4.)

          (g) In accordance with 27.405-3, when contracting (other than from GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule contracts) for the acquisition of commercial computer software, the contracting officer may insert the clause at 52.227-19, Commercial Computer Software License, in the solicitation and contract. In any event, the contracting officer shall assure that the contract contains terms to obtain sufficient rights for the Government to fulfill the need for which the software is being acquired and is otherwise consistent with 27.405-3.

          (h) If the contract is a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract, insert the clause at 52.227-20, Rights in Data-SBIR Program in all Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III contracts awarded under the Small Business Innovation Research Program established pursuant to 15 U. S.C. 638. The SBIR protection period may be extended in accordance with the Small Business Administration’s “Small Business Innovation Research Program Policy Directive” (September24,2002).

          (i)  Agencies may prescribe in their procedures, as appropriate, a clause consistent with the policy of 27.402 in contracts-

               (1) To be performed outside the United States;

               (2)  For architect-engineer services and construction work (e.g., the clause at 52.227-17, Rights in Data-Special Works); or

               (3)  For management, operation, design, or construction of Government-owned research, development, or production facilities, and in contracts and subcontracts in support of programs being conducted at such facilities.

          (j) In accordance with 27.406-3(a), insert the clause at 52.227-21, Technical Data Declaration, Revision, and Withholding of Payment-Major Systems, in contracts for major systems acquisitions or for support of major systems acquisitions. This requirement includes contracts for detailed design, development, or production of a major system and contracts for any individual part, component, subassembly, assembly, or subsystem integral to the major system, and other property that may be replaced during the service life of the system, including spare parts. When used, this clause requires that the technical data to which it applies be specified in the contract (see 27.406-3(a)).

          (k) In accordance with 27.406-3(b), in the case of civilian agencies other than NASA and the U.S. Coast Guard, insert the clause at 52.227-22, Major System-Minimum Rights, in contracts for major systems or contracts in support of major systems.

          (l) In accordance with 27.407, if a contracting officer desires to acquire unlimited rights in technical data contained in a successful proposal upon which a contract award is based, insert the clause at 52.227-23, Rights to Proposal Data (Technical). Rights to technical data in a proposal are not acquired by mere incorporation by reference of the proposal in the contract, and if a proposal is incorporated by reference, the contracting officer shall follow 27.404 to assure that the rights are appropriately addressed."


    ...and from the Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation...


    "DIAR 1427.303 Contract clauses.

    (a) The HCA is authorized to make the determination to sublicense foreign governments or international organizations, as prescribed in FAR 27.303(b)(3).

    (b) If one of the exceptions in FAR 27.303(e)(1) is used, then insert clause 1452.227–70, Appeals of Use of Exceptions. The exception in FAR 27.303(e)(1)(ii) to use alternative provisions restricting or eliminating a contractor's right to retain title to any subject invention shall be made by the HCA, after consultation with the Assistant Solicitor for Acquisitions and Intellectual Property.

    (c) Within 30 days after contract award the CO shall forward copies of determinations to use exceptions under FAR 27.303(e)(1) shall be forwarded to the Assistant Solicitor for Acquisitions and Intellectual Property for submission to the Secretary of Commerce and, if required, to the Chief Counsel for Advocacy of the Small Business Administration. The determinations shall include all supporting documentation."

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