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    I work as the CO at r Air Force base, we have a question we are hopeful DAU can provide us guidance. Our Base Operating Support contractor provides training to military reservists. Training is typically conducted on UTA weekends for entire base populace in such areas as Hazardous Cargo shipments and documentation, pallet buildup and other mobility specific training requirements. Additionally, the contractor conducts AFSC training in BOS supported areas where no full time government personnel are assigned. These areas include Supply, Vehicle Maintenance, Traffic Management, Ground Transportation and Fuels Management. The contractor provides only the technical training and does not direct any Government employees in their functional areas. Government personnel request the training from the contractor and then direct the appropriate personnel to attend. Moreover, the contractor does not provide any certification for individual being trained; certification, if required, is performed by authorized military personnel. The question we have is this, Is this type of training an “inherently Governmental” function that should be performed exclusively by Government personnel or can we continue to rely on the contractor to provide this type of training?


    From the information provided, it appears that the training discussed is completely acceptable for contractor performance and is not inherently governmental.

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