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    Can this be done as there was a different quote with two different kind of work and we received one quote for him on the first contract and one for a program manager on the second quote? For that person on the first contract and a different quote on the second contract. Can you help me by showing me in the FAR where it's OK for this to happen?


    There is no specific guidance in the FAR regarding use of the same individual of two different contracts. However, in the Contract Pricing Reference Guide (  Volume 3 (Cost Analysis) Chapter 7.3.2 ("Considering The Skill Mix Of Labor Effort") discusses ways to ensure the PM is not "double dipping".   Some questions to consider: In each proposal are the hours realistically split between both contracts? He/she cant be in the same place at the same time.  Is the labor rate being charged commensurate with the level of supervision or management required?  They should be proposing different rates if one contract requires hands-on program management skills,and the other provides cursory oversight.  Ask your technical support personnel for advice. Can one person do both jobs effectively?  Are there government personnel available to verify the hours spent on each contract? You didnt mention what type of contracts theres are, but if its a labor hour contract, review of the PM's timecards is mandatory.  Don't hesitate to ask if someone other than the PM can provide supervision as a collateral duty, at a lower rate.  However, if  the Pm represents someone who is available to oversee the effort for both contracts, that would be a logical and cost effective move.  Theres nothing inherently wrong with that.      

      The FAR doesnt say this cant be done, but the burden is on the contractor to show it can be done properly. And as a contracting professional, its up to you and the COR to monitor and verify the program managers actions and proposed hours expended.          

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