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    What constitutes the Official Name and therefore the official designation?


    The ADM should capture the official name since “The MDA is the sole and final decision authority” of programs and uses “an Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) (to) document decisions resulting from reviews” D0DI 5000.02T 6(a)(4)(a-b) and “actual names, content, and approval process are at the discretion of the delegated oversight authority.”JCIDS Manual Appendix A, Enclosure A JCIDS Deliberate Process 2.5.4

    Background: A typical Major Capability Acquisition program is formalized at Milestone B by the Milestone Decision Authority by means of the Acquisition Program Baseline (APB).  The APB provides the original baseline description approved by the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) (DoDI 5000.02T, Table 4 APBs).  In this case since it’s a QRC, “BEC Increment 0” will follow the Urgent Capability Acquisition pathway so the ADM is the MDA’s official document for documenting decisions.  Ideally, the ADM was developed with the Validation Memo or JROC Memo in mind when the Army was assigned this QRC.  Reference DoDI 5000.81 Figure 2. Flow of JUONs and JEONs.  If not, recommend referencing that memo as they serve as the user requirement similar to what Initial Capability Document (ICD) or CDD (Capability Development Document) do for Major Capability Acquisition programs. With that said the name of a program should resonate with all stakeholders, especially the operators.  If you’re seeing discrepancies between the ADM and SORN then it is within the PM’s abilities to go back to the MDA to update the ADM with a more appropriate name. 

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