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    Is there a way to push/force this issue on a Program Office, other than asking nicely which isn't working?


    This response is based on the information provided.  We suggest you discuss with your funds certifier/comptroller, contracting team, program manager and/or legal department as appropriate to determine the correct funds needed/required.


    Your organization is in a difficult spot.  Without the correct type of funds, often referred to as color of money,  the unit cannot execute its mission. Based on the background you provided, we assume this is a software effort.  If your unit has no RDT&E funding, then you would have to request a transfer of appropriated dollars from the O&M Appropriation to the RDT&E Appropriation which requires higher level approval.

    If you require RDT&E funds, then you should request RDT&E funding.  Going forward, your budget exhibits need to reflect RDT&E which means you should request RDT&E funds using R documents/forms for the developmental/test efforts, while still using the O forms/documents to request the O&M for those efforts.  OSD currently has nine software programs that are piloting a new funding which falls under RDT&E and uses a new BA which is BA 8.  These BA 8 funds could be used for everything related to software; again this is only a pilot program.

    The Funds Certifier should not be certifying O&M funds for RDT&E efforts this can lead to a Purpose Statute (Misappropriation) Violation.


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