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    Do you have any type of visual chart or beginner explanation on how the SOW, CDRLs, and Pricing Tables relate to the CLINs on the contract?


    This is a good question! 

    When structuring contract line items (CLINs) there is no specific, formal guidance on how best to reference or track each CLIN/SLIN to its corresponding SOW/PWS/CDRLs/Pricing Tables (when they exist).  It is both an art and science as well as acquisition specific on how best to do it.  We've seen paragraph and CDRL (exhibit) references inside the descriptive CLIN language, we've seen a matrix be used, etc.

    I searched the DAU Tools page and did not identify any graphic or visual chart.

    At DFARS subpart 204.71, DFARS 204.7103 has good descriptive language and DFARS PGI 204.7103 has some good examples and pictures of how to do this.

    But probably the best recommendation we can provide is to have your PM trainees go to the DAU iCatolog and register for CLC 033 Contract Format and Structure for DoD e-Business Environment.  It's a short module and Lessons 2 and 3 primarily focus on CLINS, how to structure them, how exhibits and attachments and SOW/PWS references can be used.

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