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    Can a concession contract on a federal installation be extended past the expiration date of the contract for more than 6 months (52.217-8 Option to Extend Services)? If so, what authority can I reference?


     If you are using FAR 52.217-8 Option to Extend Services then you may not extend services beyond 6 months. In the question background you state the concession contract will not expire until 6/30/2021, but it sounds like you do not want the new concession contract to start until after some delayed construction contracts are finished. So it sounds like the new concession service will take place in the new buildings, but you want concession services in the current buildings until the new concession services start in the new buildings.  What you might do is award a new contract starting 6/30/2021 with the services being in the same location as the current contract and when the new construction contracts are completed will move to the new locations.  This will all have to be in the solicitation as well as in the contract.  You have more than a year to award the new contract.

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