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    Is there a formal reference that describes the acquisition process? I have a colloquial answer, but I'd like a reference that I can point to.


    The only formal reference I'm aware of is the terminology used in the NCMA Contract Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK) which is also the terminology used in many of our DAU courses as well as articles.

    Note: we're not talking about the systems acquisition process, just the contracting or procurement process here.

    The three (3) phase acquisition/contracting/procurement process is:

    1) Pre-Award: developing or defining the requirement and includes activities of market research, acquisition planning, etc.

    2) Award: developing and releasing the solicitation, recieving offers (or quotes), evaluation of offers, making a best value award decision, and making the award(s).

    3) Post Award: includes everthing that could possibly happen from the time the contract is awarded until it is closed.  Includes delivery, inspection, acceptance, payment, changes, etc.

    Best of Luck on you Warrant Board.


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