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    Was there ever a solid determination, per signed policy, on the threshold for Consumable vs DLR? Is $2,500 the threshold to make an item a DLR, or is this an unwritten rule of thumb? If you have any questions or need any other info to clarify what we are looking for please reach out via email. Thank You!! Jordyn Barrick NAVSUP HQ N41


    A review of OSD/ Service policies and regulations did not reveal a financial threshold or criteria as a factor in determining whether an item was a consumable or depot level repairable. Additionally, according to policy related decision are made by the Military Departments and Participating Agencies, early in the introduction of the item through cataloging and provisioning efforts.  After transition to the Primary Inventory Control Activity (PICA), SMR request can be submitted to modify the SMR coding for a different action (e.g., disposal vice depot level repair).

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