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    Hello - my program office have asked me (Contracting) for standard OPSEC language for contractors performing on DoD contracts to include as an attachment to the solicitation. Could you please provide? Thank you.


    DLAD clause 52.204-9000 (Contractor Personnel Security Requirements) para. (m) provides the basis for contractor responsibility. The NAVSEA OPSEC Guide contains valuable program guidance and language. In addition, the language below is from a past DOD solicitation:

    Sample: The contractor shall familiarize all new employees and conduct refresher sessions as needed in the areas of Counterintelligence (DODI 5240.6, Counterintelligence (CI) Awareness and Reporting, enclosure 3, Awareness Training), Operations Security (DLAI 5200.13, DLA Operations Security (OPSEC) Program, Enclosure 3, OPSEC Planning Guidance), and Classified Material/Clearance (DLAI 5200.12, Information Security Program, Chapter 11, Standards for Storage and Handling Classified Material).


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