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    Can you provide me a sample TOR - Terms of Reference to document a project plan similar to a project charter but in the TOR format to support an upcoming UAV test between DoD and DHS/US Coast Guard project offices


    The Department of Defense delineates responsibilities for testing amongst the service Operational Test Agencies using the Memorandum of Agreement on Multi-Service Operational Test and Evaluation (MOT&E) and Operational Suitability Terminology and Definitions dtd Feb 2017.  It provides the guiding processes for delineating testing responsibilities.  This document can be found here:

    'Terms of Reference' are not typically discussed in the Acquisition certification classes at DAU and as such there isn't a template in our tools site.  Instead the DAU curriculum focuses on Charters, MOUs, and MOAs.  The 7 part template below that should provide a good starting point in your pros/cons debate culminating in a documentation choice decision.  A link to the source site is included at the bottom of the page.

    Project Terms of Reference Template

    1.  Background

    • Provide an overview of the history behind the proposed project
    • Clearly state why perform the project, and also refer to a programming context
    • State the general role of stakeholders in doing project activities
    • Write a brief explanation of the need behind the project

    2.  Objectives

    • State the major objectives of the proposed project
    • Describe the intended achievements to be gained at different stages of the project lifecycle
    • Provide an overview of the resources required
    • Clearly identify and define what is expected from the project and who the target audience is

    3.  Issues

    • Highlight the key issues to be studied and disputed at every stage of the project lifecycle
    • List the criteria (including Efficiency, Relevance, Effectiveness, Impact, Sustainability) against which the issues will be analyzed and evaluated

    4.  Methodology

    • Define the key phases of the project implementation process
    • Specify the required level of stakeholder involvement
    • Describe the content and duration of project activities
    • List the information collection tools necessary for monitoring purposes
    • Provide data analysis rules

    5.  Expertise

    • Specify the type of work involved in the proposed project
    • Describe the type of skills and abilities required
    • Define the exact number of individuals involved
    • Point at the period of engagement of each team member
    • Describe the duties and responsibility per teammate
    • Identify the relationships between the team members

    6.  Reporting

    • Provide the Table of Contents for project reports
    • Define rules for composing annexes
    • Add report templates
    • Set submission dates
    • List the computer software programmes to be used for report writing
    • Refer to people responsible for reporting and approving
    • Provide other sufficient information such as number of copies to be created, responsibilities for report production and presentation, etc.

    7.  Work plan

    • Provide a summary of the anticipated work
    • Describe the activities and necessary resources required for achieving the project’s results and purpose
    • Provide the activity schedule template
    • Describe The finance resources allocated to the project

    Read a more detailed description of the template here:

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