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    What logistics metrics are required for ACAT IV programs that will be filled with COTS products?


    ACAT IV programs do not have the same Metrics reporting requirements as the ACAT I and ACAT II programs. however, all Army programs are required to have a support strategy IAW AR 700-127.  Section 8 states that " Every acquisition program is required to develop an LCSP "  The details of the support strategy should be outlined in the LCSP.  For COTS items, this is more challenging.

    DA PAM 700-127 in Section 5 provides guidance on how to tailor the product support strategies for Army programs leveraging COTS items.  As an ACAT IV program you likely don't have a PSM so the burden of developing an LCSP will fall on the Log team or Log IPT.

    Often New COTS items have Warranties.  I would include these considerations in the LCSP along with any tailoring needed.  ACAT IV programs have the flexibility to significantly tailor their support strategies. All these should be documented in the LCSP or some other support strategy document.

    In some cases it might be worthwhile to establish a PBL agreement for support.  The metrics for such a PBL is discussed in the following DAU articles:!405!398

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