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    German government opted out of being joint partners for the Active Optical Target Detector (AOTD) for the RAM missile early on due to the design not being mature. Recently, the German government has expressed interest in becoming joint partners for AOTD, what steps are required to allow the German interest to become joint partners?


    Since RAM is a Department of the Navy (DoN) acquisition program office the Navy International Programs Office (NIPO) is responsible for providing International Cooperative Program (ICP) international agreement support for potential cooperative initiatives such as US DoD - German FMOD cooperation in AOTD. 

    NIPO has as International Agreement division that specializes in helping DoN acquisition program offices (like RAM) establish ICP int'l agreements for new cooperative programs.  DAU recommends you contact NIPO to begin a dialog on the best way to pursue potential AODT cooperation with the German FMOD.

    There are three overall references that DAU recommends you consult prior to contacting NIPO to become familiar with the overall DoD ICP formulation and int'l agreement policies used to pursue international cooperative acquisition efforts with allied and friendly nations.

    1)  Defense Acquisition Guidebook, Chapter 1 Int'l Acquisition and Exportability Supplement, CH 1-S1–5. Developing an International Program and CH 1-S1–6. International Agreement Procedures

    2) DAU's International Cooperative Program (ICP) Job Support Tool (JST) -- see URL

    3) DAU's blog "Making the Case for Int'l Cooperative Programs" -- see URL

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