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    I would like to only request updated pricing quotes from the 7 offers. The technical requirements are not changing, so updating the technical quote is not necessary. The reason I would need updated pricing is because the STARS II vehicle has a fee, so the pricing would have to be updated to remove the fee. Can I do this? And what authority or case law will allow me to do this? FYI, I tried looking at the Federal Supply Schedules (FSS). Unfortunately, the offeror we want to award to does not have a FSS Contract. Please call me or email me if you need additional information. Thank you for the help.


    From your description, you have an 8(a) requirement and I assume you have already offered it up to the SBA to do an 8(a) acquisition.  That would mean you would follow FAR 19.805-1 requirements.  If the anticipated total value of the contract, including options, will exceed $7 million for acquisitions assigned manufacturing North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes and $4 million for all other acquisitions, you must compete it unless an exception applies.  If under those amounts you can do a sole source 8(a) for your requirement.

    Depending on the dollar value you would either have to compete this as an 8(a) competition or do an 8(a) sole source.  Talk with your Small Business Specialist and SBA Procurement Center Representative if you have questions ont he 8(a) process.


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