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    I could not find such on the DAU/etc. sites or through standard internet searches. If such a thing exists, I would be interested. If not, I should bring that to their attention in my review. Your timely assistance is appreciated, as we need to submit internally next week. Thank you. 703-303-1475 [email protected]


    The policy document in question is DoDI 5000.73, COST ANALYSIS GUIDANCE AND PROCEDURES. It is an update to the 2015 policy document of the same name.

    Major updates include clarification of responsibilities for different acquisition pathways: Major Capability Acquisitions, Middle Tier of Acquisition (MTA) Programs, Defense Business Systems (DBS), Contracted Services, and Software.

    It also clarifies the breakout of responsibilities between OSD CAPE and Service Cost Agencies (SCA) when preparing Independent Cost Estimates (ICE). The previous guide focused primarily on the OSD CAPE role in creating ICE.

    Other new cost policy topics include: Multi-Year Procurement (MYP) cost analyses, Nunn-McCurdy cost assessment, Sustainment ICE, and updated cost data collection policy.

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