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    Is a PDR for an S&T effort required to be considered TRL 6? Is there a graphic or table that shows the correlation between TRL's and JCIDS Milestones?


    Is the program in question an ACAT 1 or MDAP?

    Are the technologies in question deemed critical technologies by the PM?


    Title 10 United States Code (U.S.C.) Section 2366b requires, in part, that the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) certify that the technology in a MDAP has been demonstrated in a relevant environment and has a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of (TRL 6) before Milestone B approval.


    The TRL 6 is a desired level of maturity at MS B.  Both the PDR and Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) should provide evidence that certain technologies have achieved TRL 6.  These certain technologies are considered critical technologies by the program manager.  Typically, only few technologies fall in this category.  If any of the technologies in question here are not classified at critical they are not part of the TRA and do not have a statutory requirement to be TRL 6.


    Technologies not part of the TRA should still be evaluated as part of the PDR but may not be found exclusively there.  If the PDR entry and exit criteria do not address every technology in question, an independent TRL 6 assessment should be conducted leveraging the PDR technical review and other metrics and test data.  Evidence from these various technology based sources should be used to populate the attached Decision Point instrument or one like it as prescribed by a the Chief Systems Engineer or in a customer drafted/signed TTA. In the TTA, the customer should define the relevant environment and performance criteria.  This criteria should be the basis to determine the maturity level of technologies included in the TTA.  Based on one of these assessments would I recommend a technology to have actually reached a TRL 6.


    As state above, only critical technologies in a MDAP development are required to be TRL 6 at MS B (unless the contract states specifically that all or a given subset must achieve TRL 6 by MS B).


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