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    Please advise if explosive cartridges used for wildlife dispersal such as 15mm bird bangers, 15 mm screamer sirens, 15 mm screamer bangers, 12 g shellcrackers or 91 mm high altitude exploding cartridges are allowed to be purchased suing the GPC. These are classified as pyrotechnics identified as Secure Risk Category IV materials further defined in NAVSEA OP 5 as hazard class/division (C/D) 1.4 compatibility group, E, G or S explosives. ATF permit are not required for all of the items.


    DFARS PGI 208.7006 shows the lists of coordinated acquisitions and pyrotechnics are listed under the Army so the Army is responsible for purchasing pyrotechnics.  The Navy would need to MIPR the funds to the Army for the Army to make the purchase.

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