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    I don't believe Min/Max on Delivery Order off of an existing Multiple Award Contract is permitted. I can not find the language in the FAR or DFAR regarding. Thank you


    We don't see anything that expressly prohibits the ability to put a min and a mix in a delivery order.  But honestly, don't know how you would structurally do that.  Also, it does not appear to meet the intent for ordering against Indefinite Delivery Contracts.

    You have to read closely the language at FAR 16.502(a) "...with deliveries or performance to be scheduled at designated locations upon order."  bold italics added for emphasis.  That's if your MAC is a Definite-quantity contract.  If your MAC is an Indefinite-quantity contract; look at the language at FAR 16.504(a) "...The Government places orders for individual requirements..."  again, bold italics added for emphasis.

    The language regarding maximum and minimums apply to the basic contract(s) and not the orders themselves.

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