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    Is there an update to the 2012 Risk Management Green Card? If not, the card still covers all the principals of risk management.


    The DAU Risk Management Green Card from May 2012 is based on the Risk Management Guide for DOD Acquisition, 6th Edition, published in August 2006.  This Guide was superseded by the Department of Defense Risk, Issue, and Opportunity Management Guide for Defense Acquisition Programs (DoD RIOM Guide) published in January of 2017.

    There are significant differences in the Guidance.  The Risk Matrix remains but the guidance on likelihood and consequences has changed and a lot of additional information has been added related to Planning Considerations, Framing Assumptions, Acquisition Phase, Integration with Contractor’s Processes, etc.  In addition new sections on Issue Management, Opportunity Management, Management of Cross-Program Risks, and other areas have been added.  The Guide also contains vignettes and other useful information.  At this time there is no corresponding “Risk Management Green Card”

    There is an on-line course addressing Risk Management: PMT 0170 which addresses the concepts in the 2017 DoD RIOM Guide.  In addition, part of the DAU mission is to assist acquisition personnel by consulting or conducting program specific workshops.  To explore whether your program would benefit from these services you can contact us at

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