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    Are there any Subcontractor Management related courses or materials available in DAU?


    The prime contractor is responsible for subcontractor performance. DID DI-MGMT-81861A, Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR), Format 6 requires the prime to integrate any external (Subcontractor, Government, etc) tasks or events that may influence Critical Path into the prime’s Integrated Master Schedule. The below is an excerpt from the IPMR DID corroborating my statement.




    3.7. Format 6 – Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).


    3.7.1.   IMS Requirements.

    Content Required. The IMS shall include, at a minimum, discrete tasks/activities, consistent with all authorized work, and relationships necessary for successful contract completion. Subcontractor discrete work shall be incorporated as tasks within the prime IMS at a level necessary for a realistic critical path. The IMS is a single integrated network that also contains significant external interfaces, Government furnished equipment/information/proper relationship dependencies for the entire contractual effort.




    The direct answer to the question is: DAU offers Integrated Master Schedule training. There is no differentiation between prime, sub or govt training as the principles of scheduling apply equally across the entities.






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